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What’s your cancellation policy?

We know things come up after you have made plans, and we try to be as flexible as possible in accommodating your needs. If you cancel two weeks before your reservation there is no fee. Cancel 48 hours before your reservation and there is a $25 cancellation fee. Cancel less than 48 hours before your reservation and the cancellation fee is one day's rental (two people, extra people are not charged).

Is there daily maid service?

We would like you to treat the house as your own,  thus there is no daily maid service to interrupt your enjoyment of the property. If you have issues with the house or property that need immediate attention, there are contact numbers in the house for maintenance emergencies.

Are any meals provided?

Since the entire house is yours to enjoy, there is no one onsite to cook for you.  While no meals are provided,  we do make available facilities and cookware so that you may prepare your own meals. The kitchen is completely furnished with cooking utensils, pots, pans and appliances - just like your home. In addition there is an outdoor barbecue for your use. There may be "staples" like sugar or coffee supplies in the house but you cannot count on that. If you plan to prepare meals you are responsible for providing all ingredients. Wal Mart is about a ten minute drive from the house.

Will other people be in the house, like with a Bed and Breakfast?

No, when you rent the house, the house is entirely yours. Only people of your choosing will be occupying the house. There may be other people on the property in the RV sites, but that is a separate section of the property and you should not be disturbed. The property is four acres, and two are dedicated to the house.

Are there TV's in the bedrooms?

We may provide these in the future, but currently there is a TV only in the Living room.

How fast is the Internet?

The Internet is rated at 10 mbps down and 2 mbps uplink. It is suitable for streaming content. Like any Internet service this will vary based on the time of day and other factors. The Internet in the house is provided by a WISP - wireless Internet service provider - and may vary based on environmental conditions. It is generally reliable.

Does the Satellite service have HBO and Paid Sports broadcasting

No, not at this time. If you have special needs in this area discuss it with us and we may be able to accommodate them for longer-term rentals.

What about emergency medical conditions?

The hospital in Parsons is about 20 minutes away. Be aware that you are in the country, and emergency care may take some time to reach you.

Do I have to clean the house before I leave?

We expect dishes, pots, and pans to be cleaned and put away. The house should be left in an orderly condition. Furniture should be in its original location. Other than that, we will take care of cleaning. Be aware that if the house is left in an excessively dirty condition you will be assessed a cleaning charge.

What about pets? Can I bring my dog?

Out of respect for future guests we do not allow any pets. We can recommend boarding facilities in the area.

Is the house handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, it is not. It would be difficult access for wheelchairs.